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We’ve teamed up with BirdEye to make collecting new reviews never easier. BirdEye sends customers to top review sites to share their feedback. BirdEye makes it easy for your customers to share their experiences across top review sites by prompting them with easy to follow messages


Send requests via email, SMS, or both. Personalize requests with your branding and messaging.
Choose from several formats to ensure you get the most actionable responses.

Get new reviews on third-party sites, on your company website, and on your social media profiles.
Spread great testimonials across the web.

Choose from default templates, or create custom HTML templates to precisely match your branding and voice.

With BirdEye, getting reviews has never been easier

BirdEye’s automated solutions let you collect new customer reviews without lifting a finger.

Create automated workflows

Easily build intelligent workflows to maximize conversions from your review request campaigns. Send requests instantly, or easily setup and launch drip or permanent campaigns.

Set and track quantifiable goals

Create and track goals for review volume and ratings on specific sites or across all review sites. Once you reach your goal, set a new one!

Intuitive reporting

Measure campaign success with a conversion funnel, and track your progress with detailed reports of review volume, ratings over time, by source, and by location.

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